Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, What the Chinese have done so far for Zambia

In it’s 47 years of independence Zambia had never known the inside of a modern football stadium. Until two weeks ago, the country’s national team – the reigning African champions – fulfilled its international home fixtures at stadia that was a far cry of world soccer governing body FIFA’s standards. Konkola Stadium was the closest […]


National parks in Zambia, Southern Africa.

This is a list of national parks in Zambia. There are nineteen national parks in Zambia, although a few of them are not maintained and so contain no facilities and few animals. Others have high concentrations of animals and are popular with tourists, while two or three are world-famous. Alphabetical list Blue Lagoon National Park — […]


Geography of Zambia, Southern Africa

Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa, with a tropical climate and consists mostly of high plateau, with some hills and mountains, dissected by river valleys. At 752,614 km2 (290,586 sq mi) it is the 39th-largest country in the world (after Chile) and slightly larger than the US state of Texas. The country lies mostly between […]

The Perfect African Destination

Sir Winston Churchill called Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa’ and after a two week trip I knew he was dead on right! It is not often that I have seen such wonderful diversity in all in one country. Let’s just call it now the unhidden Pearl of Africa. Compelling Kampala A dynamic and engaging city, […]