Bungee Jump, Victoria Falls, Livingstone City, Zambia, Africa

Bungy-jump-LivingstoneThis summer I traveled to Zambia to do a journalism internship at the local television station in Livingstone, Zambia, the mythical city by the falls. Have you ever heard of Victoria Falls?

Niagara Falls, with breathtaking, precarious drops and a white spray from the water droplets that can be seen for miles. The Falls divide Zambia and Zimbabwe and in fact there is a bridge that crosses the gorge between the two countries.

It was winter there when I arrived, since it is in the Southern Hemisphere, and so it wasn’t humid and hot like it is during their summer. Instead, it was dry, and still warm during the day, maybe in the 60’s to 80s, but cold at night. The sun would set around 6 pm, and it didn’t rain once while I was there.

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  • Submitted On : 10 Apr 2015