Victoria-Falls-Helicopter-Flight-Zambia-AfricaThe Visit Zambia helicopter flight tour begins as you take off over the Zambezi River. On occasion we get to see wildlife such as hippopotamus and elephants grazing beside the river.

Upon reaching Victoria Falls, you’ll get a fantastic view where you are placed in the helicopter. Your pilot will explain the formation of the Victoria Falls and where the next falls id due to evolve from. You will see some of the rapids made famous for whitewater rafting in the Batoka Gorge before you fly back along the river to the aerodrome with a brief flight over Moso Oa Tunya National Park.

Your Helicopter Flight

Flights run daily between 7am and 18.00 (6pm)
* Your flight will be 30 minutes but this will amount to approximately 1 hour including pick up and drop off.
On booking please let us know what is your preference, MORNING orAFTERNOON and we will do our best to obtain this. Your confirmation time will be sent to you.

What You Need To Bring With You

No special clothing or footwear is required. Space is limited so try not to bring too much with you. We have a place to leave valuables whilst you are on your flight.

  • Camera with lots of memory or rolls of film
  • Video camera
  • Sunglasses

The Small Print

Minimum Age: 5 years
Maximum Age: None!
Liability: Your are required to sign a liability release form before you take your flight.