What are the wildlife animals found in Zambia 

When you visit Zambia, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to encounter a diverse range of wildlife in its various national parks and game reserves. Here are some of the iconic wildlife animals you can expect to see: African Elephant: These majestic creatures can be spotted in many of Zambia’s national parks, including South Luangwa, Lower […]

Pure Luxe in Punta Mita the original contained

In this week’s interview, Ole ter Wey talks to climate activist Grace Fong about the importance of climate education. Drawing on her very personal experiences with the impacts of climate change in her home country of Fiji

The Best Kept Secrets About Travel

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The difference between a tourist and a traveler is getting to know a culture, according to Karen Gershowitz, writer and travel addict. Since boarding a plane to Europe when she was 17, Gershowitz has visited over 90 countries and “gained friends.